Tuesday, August 18, 2009

About Hockey BS

Welcome to the hottest Hockey rumor web site to come along since the last hockey rumor web site that claimed to be the hottest.

I am Merrick. No that is not my real name. It is simply a alias I use with the last name of a former player from a hockey team that I grew up watching.

FCT, the Author of the "Voice of the Islander Fans" has been nice enough to let me link to his blog as I do not have the skills necessary to run a blog.

I also have to protect my "sources". Would NHL executives talk to me knowing I am just going to turn around and post them on my Blog?

Frustrated with the inaccuracies of other Hockey rumor web sites that spout rumors in the hope that people will Google search them and get a few hits.

The only difference is that I tell you up front that I am full of crap.

This blog is dedicated to all of the websites out there like Hockeybuzz.com who claim to have some inside information about hockey, but obviously know nothing more than the average cocker spaniel.

The Rumor Rating System - All rumors posted to this site will have "The BS rating system posted with it, rating from (BS1) all the way to (BS5) Depending on how many "sources" have contributed to that particular rumor. A brief description of the ratings are:

(BS1) - There is no chance this will ever happen, I am simply placing this rumor up here to garner hits for this blog. Lighting is more likely to fly out of your ass than this happening.

(BS2) - There is very little chance this can happen and there is no substantial proof that it will, but in some twilight zone world maybe there is a chance of it happening in some alternate universe.

(BS3) - A Middle Range Rumor, still very unlikely but there may be some steam behind it.

(BS4) - An almost sure thing that will happen maybe 5% of the time. That's better than similar ratings from other hockey rumor sites.

(BS5) - Its in the bag, sure thing and done deal. All I am doing is reading elsewhere and posting here, just like other rumor sites.

That is the explanation of the rumor rating system. If you have any questions feel free to comment here. the first Hockey BS rumors will be posted within the next day so stay tuned into the Hockey BS Site.

This is going to be an open forum blog. If you wish to write an article for Hockey BS send me a message and you can write for the hottest new rumor site on the net.

Merrick - An Anonymous Hockey Blogger.

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